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House Call Chiropractic Care At Your Home Or Office

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Dr. Michael McMahon, Chiropractor

Finally, A Doctor Who Comes To You.

Appointments Available in Albany, Schenectady, Cobleskill, Troy, Saratoga, Clifton Park, Guilderland, Glenville, and Duanseburg.

The Problem

Over the past 35 years as a chiropractor, I have seen many changes in the way health care is viewed in this country. Health care has become a system focused solely on symptom treatment, meaning if you have no symptoms, you are healthy and if you do have symptoms, you are sick. The general public now sees their doctor only when they are sick with certain ailments and prevention is no longer seen as valuable.

Why House Calls

So after 35 years, why would I decide to do House Calls? I want to be different and stand out. The health care system is in shambles, but it is huge. So while I cannot change the system, I can do something different in my community in terms of your experience and the results you can achieve.

Hard Working Professionals

For busy professionals/business owners that are overworked and do not have time for themselves, I come to you as a convenience. This means you do not have to drive to my office and sit in a waiting room hoping you will be able to get to your child’s soccer game or your next appointment of the day.

Convenience Is Key

House Calls offer the conveniences of time, travel, comfort and much less stress. With minimal or no regression after a session, progress continues quicker, which means less visits are needed, especially in the beginning of care. This all makes House Calls a much more enjoyable experience, which is missing in our system of managed health care today.


With Capital Region House Calls, you will be seen in the comfort of your home, work or place of business, which can be a much more relaxed environment than the typical doctor’s office.

Chiropractic House Calls | Albany and Surrounding Areas

From The Desk of Dr. Michael |Albany House Call Chiropractor

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